Source: Beta | Thursday, 17.08.2017.| 09:42

Tonnies to have farm in Secanj as well?

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The German meat packing company Tonnies has had two projects in Serbia approved, in Zrenjanin and Kikinda, and the third potential project might be located in the municipality of Secanj, Minister of Agriculture Branislav Nedimovic said on August 16.

Nedimovic emphasized that Tonnies was interested in investing in Secanj and that the company's request was being assessed at the moment.

– This entails a full analysis of, among other things, ownership relations and looking into potential problems with restitution, so as to avoid creating problems for others in the future. When something is leased for 30 years, it is important for there to be no consequences and for the state to benefit from it – Nedimovic said.
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