Source: Južne vesti | Monday, 17.07.2017.| 08:42
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Beer made in Nis available in America – Price of bottle reaching up to USD 10

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Beer drinkers in Washington, New York and Chicago were recently provided with a new choice of refreshment, the beer made in Nis (Nisko Pivo), but at the price of as much as USD 10, instead of RSD 100, its average price in pubs in Nis. A new shipment left for the USA two weeks ago and, as the adviser and former general manager of the Brewery, Nikola Karanovic, says, Nisko Pivo will be available in markets as well.

– Our beer was first shipped to America from Nis three months ago, and, since they liked it, the distributors have asked for three times as much beer now. It can be found in Washington, New York, Chicago and other big cities. So far, it has been the most frequent in pubs run by Serbs, and now it will probably be available at other facilities and stores as well – Karanovic adds.

Those looking to taste Nisko Pivo in an American restaurant, he adds, will have to pay as much as USD 10 for it. Karanovic says that the price is probably due to the fact that the beer contains no additives and preservatives. He explains that the Nis Brewery imports hops produced in Germany and that it uses natural technology.

Although the amounts exported to the American market at the moment can't drastically increase their revenues, Karanovic says that the cooperation is important.

– The American market is very sensitive, but it has recognized quality and there's demand for Nisko Pivo – Karanovic adds.

The Nis Brewery also exports to Bulgaria.
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