Source: Tanjug | Monday, 26.06.2017.| 12:49
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Law on electronic documents being prepared

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The Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications is working on a new law, which pertains to the implementation of electronic documents and trusted services, the deputy minister for electronic communications, Irini Reljin, said for Tanjug.

It was pointed out at the round table called “The State of the ICT Infrastructure in the Public Sector”, organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, that the ministry had prepared the New Networks strategies and the New Communications strategy.

– The ministry has adopted the law pertaining to the protection of information and is working on a law which will will soon be put before the parliament and which pertains to electronic documents, trusted services and so on – Reljin said.

At this moment, she said, the state needs to secure the development of all electronic services, and, in order to secure and develop this, she says, all the necessary infrastructure needs to be implemented.

– A part of the infrastructure pertains to the network, to electronic communications, namely the broadband network, so that the services developed by the state would be available to all citizens – she said and added that another part of the infrastructure pertains to support to services, which she assumes would take the form of clouds.

The goal of Europe and Serbia, according to her, is a strategy for the development of future networks and a unique digital market.

– As for the technical part, it pertains to the Internet of Things. It is expected for all devices to be connected to the internet in near future. This way, we are getting services contributing to an overall enhancement of our lives – Reljin explained.

The secretary of the Association for Electronic Communications of the CCIS, Jelena Jovanovic, said for Tanjug that it was necessary to consolidate the network of the public administration and that of local self-governments and make them available to the business sector and the citizens.

– If the aim is to develop IT in a state, the first thing necessary is to develop the infrastructure. As for the business aspect, the technology needs to be used in the best possible way, that is, the technology needs to be used and the networks of the public administration and local self-governments need to be consolidated and made available to the business sector and the citizens – Jovanovic said.
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