Source: Tangosix | Sunday, 21.05.2017.| 11:27
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American Stavatti Aerospace and Jugoimport SDPR sign agreement – Joint development and aircraft production of Utva Pancevo

Utva Pancevo (Photo: YouTube/screenshot)
The company Stavatti Aerospace and Jugoimport SDPR have signed an agreement on strategic and long-term economic and technical cooperation pertaining to joint marketing, modification, certification and production of aircraft of Utva Pancevo, as well as of other producers related to Utva.

Among the goals cited is joint development and production of new Stavatti aircraft and powertrains, but also the production of components for their aircraft in Pancevo.

According to the agreement, Stavatti is to act as a production partner to Utva, producing aircraft, structural elements, components, systems from Utva’s factory in Pancevo, but also from other production locations of Jugoimport SDPR. According to the press release, Stavatti and the Serbian company will also enter the program of joint development of landing gear, pneumatics, brakes, seat ejections systems, missiles, artillery systems, tanks, armored vehicles and nearly everything contained in the production portfolio of SDPR.

The agreement on the cooperation is a logical beginning of SDPR’s activities to the end of finding partners, now that it has become an aircraft manufacturer as well by taking over Utva Pancevo.

The Stavatti corporation was founded as a design and manufacture company for original modern military and civilian aircraft. Last year was very significant for Stavatti, as the corporation got the exclusive license for redesigning the small civilian jet Javelin, developed at the Aviation technology Group (ATG), on November 14. Stavatti previously found a partner is the small company Rud Aero, which bought the construction rights for this plane following the ATG’s bankruptcy of 2008.

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