Source: Studio B | Friday, 31.03.2017.| 09:17
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Reconstruction of Oslobodjenja Blvd, Ruzveltova Street and Slavija Square to begin in April – Fountain to be completed by May 2017

(Photo: Blazej Lyjak/
City Manager Goran Vesic stated on March 30 that the Belgrade Land Development Public Agency was controlling the contractors on the Slavija fountain project, which should be completed by May.

– The reconstruction of the Oslobodjenja Blvd, the Ruzveltova Street and the Slavija Square are to start in April and the section will be fully completed by the end of the next year. The new fountain on Slavija will also have been built, as well as a new park between Slavija and the Kralja Milutina Street, which will truly be something Belgrade will be proud of – he said.

Vesic also reminded that Belgrade was investing in culture and sports and said that the city had reoriented itself to financing recreational sport and that RSD 35 million had been set aside from the budget for financing school sport in 2017, compared to only six million from three years before.

– Our idea is to re-establish the famous school competitions and to promote sports, and we are also working on amending the laws to the end of securing free training hours at sports halls in schools. Sport should not be a privilege of those who have money, but be available to everyone – he pointed out.

Vesic also added that a top level competition was held in Belgrade each year and said that it was in line with the city’s policy and a good promotional tool for Serbia.

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