Source: Tanjug | Friday, 24.03.2017.| 09:28
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EPS finishes TENT modernization project - A total of 35 m Swiss francs poured into monitoring and management system

EPS has completed system modernization for monitoring and management of the thermal power plant Nikola Tesla B, which significantly improved the work of one of the largest electricity production facilities in Serbia.

Minister of energy, Minister Aleksandar Antic said that the project is a part of the overall energy system modernization in Serbia.

Antic said the project greatly affects stability, efficiency and sustainability of TENT B, which is one of our most important energy facilities.

The project in TENT B, worth app. 35 m Swiss francs, was carried out on the basis of a bilateral agreement between the Government of Switzerland and the Government of Serbia. EPS has participated in the project with around 24 million Swiss francs, while a donation of the Swiss Government of about 11 m Swiss francs, was successfully implemented through the Secretariat for Economic Affairs.

With the installation of modern control and management equipment stable operation of facility with less downtime was provided which will bring significant savings in coal consumption and improve energy efficiency of the blocks and environmental protection.

Complex modernization project was implemented in two stages with three packages, within the works on main overhaul of block B1 in 2012 and B2 in 2016.

After completion of the B2 major overhaul of unit, in November last year, the project passed test operation and guarantee tests, which indicated that it reached objectives.

Equipment supplier, Siemens, was delivered certificate of taking over the system for B2 block monitoring and managing which is the official end of the project.

Supervision and control system improvement and other works within the major overhaul increased the strength of TENT B for a total of 60 megawatts, so that both units now have a power of 650 megawatts.

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