Source: Dnevnik | Thursday, 09.03.2017.| 14:49

Cinnovation Group to employ first 409 workers in mid-April – Nepalese company completing construction of noodle factory in Ruma

Less than a year ago, the foundation stone of the factory of the Nepalese company Cinnovation Group was laid down in the Rumska Petlja Industrial Zone in Ruma. The company is to produce noodles, spaghetti and other types of pasta. The investment has been estimated at EUR 8.5 million in the first stage and will amount to slightly over EUR 13 million in the next three years.

The construction of the Nepalese noodle factory is close to being completed and the construction of the surrounding infrastructure is currently in progress, whereas the official beginning of the production and the first employments are expected to take place in mid-April.

The first European investment of the Cinnovation Group, which operates under the Chaudhary Group, will lead to the employment of 409 in the first phase in mid-April, and of an additional 800 later on.

In late 2016, the owner of the Nepalese company, Binod Chaudhary, announced during his visit to Ruma that the entire Europe would be supplied with noodles produced in the city in Srem. He emphasized that the municipality of Ruma, as well as the Government of Serbia, had provided considerable support to the investment, which would act as a great stimulation to the agriculturists of Srem, as local raw materials would be used for the production.

– Investing in Ruma certainly opens the door to the European market for us and it's only a matter of time, measured in months, when Ruma will become famous in Europe for our Wai Wai noodles – Chaudhary emphasized.
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