Source: Tanjug | Wednesday, 08.03.2017.| 09:02
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Serbia exports passenger vehicles worth EUR 1 billion in 2016 – Export of consumer goods increases from 26% to 40%

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The value of export of various types of cars and other passenger vehicles from Serbia in the past year amounts to a billion euros, the Statistical Office of Serbia said for Tanjug.

– The export of cars and passenger vehicles of various purposes and capacities amounts to a billion euros, counting only those vehicles which have placed among the top ten products exported from Serbia in 2016 – they say.

– The export of consumer goods, such as furniture, cars, food, drinks, clothing, has increased from 26% to nearly 40%, and the export of cars certainly contributed the most to this increase. It's also noticeable that the export of the products with a higher degree of processing has increased – the Statistical Office explains.

The export-import coverage with the CEFTA countries amounted to 345.3%, the statisticians explain, which is double that of 2012.

– There's a constant surplus with the CEFTA signees and they are second behind EU as our partners. We mostly export agricultural products, grains and derivative products, raspberries, blackberries, hawthorns, various types of drinks, metal products, outer tires, cigarettes and generators – they says.

On the other hand, Serbia mostly imports iron and steel, stone coal and briquettes, fruit and vegetables, medical and pharmaceutical products.
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