Source: Tanjug | Monday, 20.02.2017.| 15:43
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VUCIC: Concessionaire for Belgrade Airport to be found by the end of 2017

Aleksandar Vucic (Photo:
Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has announced that the Nikola Tesla Airport will get a concessionaire for 25 years by the end of 2017. The concessionaire is to secure big revenues and investments.

Vucic said for RTS that this was good business and that the government had turned the Belgrade Airport into a profitable company.

– We are counting on being able to take around EUR 350 or 400 million in advance – Vucic said and added that the airport's annual profit was around EUR 30 million at the moment.

He emphasized that the concessionaire-operator would work much better than was possible locally.

The prime minister expects that Serbia will be receiving EUR 4 to 16 million annually from the concession tax and that, going by the average of EUR 10 million, more than EUR 250 million could be gotten on that basis alone.

– On top of that, we are planning an additional EUR 713 million of investments in the runway, the auxiliary runway and other features which will make the airport 10 times better than it is today – Vucic emphasized.

He says that it is expected that the airport will have eight million passengers in 2020, as well as larger-than-ever revenues.

Vucic emphasized that there was not a single reason not to opt for the concession, even though the airport was profitable. He pointed out the airport would become Serbia's ownership again after 25 years, that is, that the concessionaire would not become its owner.

Vucic reminds that the Skopje airport is run by Turks, the Zagreb airport by the French, the one in Ljubljana by Germans...

– Serbs are prone to criticizing. I am proud of our plans for the airport and we will finalize this by the end of the year.
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