Source: Novosti | Friday, 13.01.2017.| 11:51
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Council for Coordination of Activities and Measures for GDP Growth founded – The entire economy to be monitored monthly

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The Council for Coordination of Activities and Measures for GDP Growth held its first session on January 12, 2017. The team comprised of ten ministers, the NBS Governor and the director of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia is to deal with the issue of achieving a stable and significant growth of the Serbian economy as efficiently as possible. The head of the newly formed body is Minister Milan Krkobabic.

The task of the Council, as Novosti learns, is to define key areas with the greatest potential in order to exceed the targeted GDP growth. Each month, the Council will analyze the results of all industries in Serbia in order to act early in case one of them underperforms.

Experts warn that the new council is not supposed to achieve goals defined by precise numbers, but a constant growth. The idea is to connect all important institutions in order for the Council to gain insight into all the obstacles hampering the growth of production in Serbia.

– The council should coordinate the monitoring and the adoption of measures for the stimulation of GDP growth, the growth of production and economic activity – explains Miladin Kovacevic, Director of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia.

– It will include various institutions in order to look into the problems and limitations. Measures should be articulated based on this in order to continuously work on achieving a stable growth of the gross domestic product. A new information system will be formed, including the statistics offices, ministries, chambers, branch associations, and limitations will be detected within it. This could result in increased GDP growth, but the Council will not set a concrete amount as a goal. The Council needs to work continuously on the measures which will result in increased GDP growth.

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