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Confectionery, meat products and bread production facilities opened in Paracin in 2016 – New investments in metalworking announced

In 2016, companies Zincomet, Reguma, Sanicula and others bought land in the industrial zone in Zmic in order to open new facilities in Paracin and extend the existing ones. The company Agro 14. septembar opened two new facilities, they say at the municipality of Paracin for our portal. Cokolend extended its facilities, whereas Magnum and Nikolic are building new meat processing halls. Zlatni Delises has completed a facility for the production of bread and confectionery, our interviewees add.

The year 2016 was successful for people of Paracin, and new investments are expected in 2017. eKapija talked to representatives of the local self-government about the recently built capacities and plans for new facilities in the coming period.

Good days for food industry

– In 2016, the meat industry in Paracin got new investors. Two companies – Agro 14. septembar and Magnum, invested around EUR 1.3 million and employed 17 people – they say at the Office for Local Economic Development of Paracin.

The company for production, trade and services Agro 14. septembar from Busilovac expanded its production capacities by building two new facilities – a large cattle slaughterhouse and a meat products facility. These two facilities employ 10 workers, and, as the municipality says, the investment is worth a total of EUR 500,000.

Another investor in this field is Magnum, which invested EUR 800,000 in expanding its capacities for the production of meat products. An additional 1,350 square meters were built and 7 workers were employed.

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Both companies have built their facilities in the industrial zone in Zmic. Another meat processing facility should be raised in their neighborhood, the one being built by the Nikolic meat store (STR prodavnica mesa Nikolic). The plan is to employ 10 people in the 320 m2 facility, they say at the municipality.

Paracin has always been known for its confectionery, and the company Cokolend placed among the biggest investors in 2016. The factory started three new production lines in facilities totaling 4,000 m2 in area. A total of 70 people are employed there, the municipality says for eKapija.

Another company producing confectionery in Paracin is Brefino. This company built a factory several years ago, which currently employs 40 people, and, as the municipality says, the plan is to employ another 60-70 workers.

Zlatni Delises is also manufacturing food products. This store chain has expanded its sales outlet network by a total of 900 square meters, and they’ve also built production halls for confectionery and bread, with 1,300 m2 and 600 m2 of area respectively. The total value of these three investments is EUR 830,000 – they say for eKapija in the municipality of Paracin.

As confirmed for our portal, the animal feed factory Agro-mil should build new facilities in Paracin in 2017.

Metalworking companies successful as well

Among the old investors planning new investments is MIP Industrijska Armatura from Cuprija, which bought land at the industrial zone in 2013. As the Office for Local Economic Development says, the company, which produces, hydrants, safety valves and reinforcements, is now building an additional 300 m2 of premises, where 7 workers should be employed.

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Zinc will also be produced in zinc, and the zinc slag separation factory Zincomet should employ 15 people in its facility. This company, registered in Paracin, but owned by a foreign investor, bought land in the Zmic industrial zone in 2016 and is planning to raise a 570 m2 production facility. The total investment has been estimated at EUR 100,000 and the development of the ground has already begun.

PVC and aluminum doors and windows and profiles will be produced at the Zmic industrial zone in the future by Groupe PVC, as the owner has bought land in order to move the production facility, the Office says. Groupe PVC is now located in Donje Vidovo. The new facility in Zmic should have 600 m2 of area and employ 20 workers.

Another new investor is Belgrade’s Reguma, which bought a 4.6 ha parcel in Zmic at the repeated sale in 2016, after the previous purchaser gave up on the land, says the municipal Newsletter. According to the data of the Business Registers Agency, Reguma deals in re-utilizing assorted materials.

The Gornja Mutinica-based company Sanicula, a renowned producer and exporter of ethereal oils is also protecting its business by planning to build an ethereal oil supermarket on a 2.6 ha lot bought in 2016.

– The value of this investments and the number of people to be employed remain undisclosed at this point – the municipality says for our portal.

As Danas reports, Sanicula is investing in the premises in cooperation with a Swiss company.

Big players arriving

As announced in December, Delphi Packard and the municipality of Paracin are negotiating about the construction of a 20,600 m2 production hall, where 2,400 people would work. The hall would be rented by Delphi. The estimated value of the construction is around EUR 10 million, and it would be financed by the local self-government through a credit. Due to the manner in which the facility is to be paid off, this should be too much of a burden on the budget, the municipality says for eKapija. They add that they expect the company to reach the final decision during January, so that the factory could be built throughout 2017 and for the production to start in the first quarter of 2018.

Let us remind that it was announced at the end of 2016 that the German supermarket chain Lidl will open a retail outlet in this central Serbian municipality as well.


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