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Provincial Government adopts budget proposal for 2017

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The Provincial Government adopted the budget proposal for 2017 on December 10 and submitted it for regular parliament procedure for the members of the Assembly of Vojvodina to discuss at the next session, reports the Press Center of the Provincial Government.

It was concluded at the session that the provincial budget in 2017 would be 10% larger than the 2016 budget.

President of the Provincial Government, Igor Mirovic, said that all aspects of the budget for 2017 had been enhanced, strengthened and fortified.

Mirovic said that the knowledge, the mechanisms and the aid of the Government of Serbia in the shape of an additional RSD 1.1 billion, as well as efficient help in refinancing the provincial public debt and the resultant savings of RSD 200 million, had managed to redirect budget funds to priority projects.

He said that the direct financing of the finalization of resolving property relations on the Novi Sad-Ruma route would begin, that the construction of the Y-junction at Subotica followed, that financing the new Radio Television of Vojvodina building would begin, and that Serbia had taken over the construction of the Zezelj Bridge, which had unloaded the provincial budget and enabled works to start on other developmental projects.

The vice president of the Provincial Government, Djordje Milicevic, estimated the budget proposal to be optimal and balanced and added that a total increase of 10% had enabled increases in all segments by increasing funds in all secretariats, in line with the priorities defined in the formation of the current Provincial Government.

The provincial secretary for finance, Smiljka Jovanovic, said that the budget for 2017 in the amount of RSD 63.6 billion had been proposed, which, along with the additional RSD 1.1 billion, made up more than 7% of the state budget.

The projected budget enables, among other things, the payment of the financial aid in the amount of RSD 12,000 a months for families with three children, compensation for student transportation, as well as enhancing the programs of housing refugees and displaced persons, the report says.

The budget proposal also envisions numerous investments in higher education institutions, additional investments in agriculture and water management, as well as investments in environmental protection, economy and tourism, public information, operations of national councils and institutions, the report says.

The budget proposal for 2017 will be on the agenda of the next session of the Assembly of Vojvodina.
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