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Imperatives of reindustrialization – Special Edition Newsletter Awakening of Serbian Industry on November 15 at eKapija

What the process of reindustrialization in Serbia should be founded on, how economic growth can be increased and the export and competitiveness of the local economy improved are the main topics of eKapija's new Special Edition Newsletter “Awakening of Serbian Industry”, to be published on November 15.

Even though, according to some data, the local industry is lagging behind even its 1990 technological level, Serbia has a chance to make a step forward and catch up with modern systems of doing business. Making this step is not a matter of choice. On the contrary, it is imperative to do so. In accordance, reindustrialization should encompass new programs of technological development, directed primarily towards strengthening the manufacturing sector, the construction of modern, energy efficient facilities, adequate professional work force and digital transformation, which changes the way companies develop and produce nowadays. This will be confirmed by our interviewees as well.

How more intense development of industry and an adequate business environment directly influence new market investments will be highlighted by representatives of Messer Tehnogas. The certification company SGS will talk about the role that adequate technical standards play in strengthening the market position of the Serbian economy, whereas Siemens will point to the importance of technological re-engineering, modernizing production processes and why Industry 4.0 is a great opportunity for Serbia.

Are we aware as a society of the significance of these changes and what needs to be changed in our approach to business processes? Representatives of the commercial sector will point to the importance of a shift in the approach to business, trends and the state of the market: Alu Konig Stahl will highlight the challenges in the construction sector; Ball Packaging, for years one of the largest exporters from Serbia, will discuss how to remain competitive in the local and the global market; Telecon Sistem will point to the implementation of the latest technologies in operating processes, whereas Wiener Stadtische will highlight the importance of liability insurance in modern business conditions.

New technologies for improving industrial processes and operations will be presented by ABB, Inea SR, Trox, Solfins and Zodax, whereas the importance of the implementation of environmentally responsible and energy efficient solutions will be pointed out by Polytechnik, Wilo and Technology International Services. The latest technological solutions for industrial facilities and production will also be presented by WIG, CPS Cad Professional Systems, Hydrogen Technologies...

We have also looked into whether it is foreign investments or the local production that has a bigger role in reindustrialization, what the new industrial strategy being prepared by the Government brings, what is needed for a production process to be called “smart”, whether the fourth industrial revolution is as important for small participants in the market as for the big ones and where Serbia is regarding smart infrastructure. Do we have an adequate educational system for such processes? What kind of cooperation is there with scientific institutions? How oriented are we as a society towards innovations? Will the initiatives for full implementation of e-business and e-administration be completed at last? But this is not all, as we announce even more exclusive interviews.

We invite you to become a part of the Special Edition Newsletter “Awakening of Serbian Industry”. This is a unique place for you to present your work, products and services offered in the market and further increase your visibility to readers of our portal.

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