Source: Glas javnosti | Thursday, 01.01.1970.| 15:34
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"Mercator" asks consumers for support

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"Mercator - Serbia" asked the consumers and business partners yesterday (February 20, 2008) for support because of the assaults on their facilities in Serbia, caused by one-sided and illegal declaration of independence of Kosovo and Metohia and the decision of certain countries to acknowledge it or their announcement of acknowledgement.

- “Mercator – S” employs 3,600 citizens of Serbia, 70% of the offer on the shelves of Mercator‘s shopping centers are the goods of Serbian manufacturers and distributors, we are main patrons of the Gallery of “Matica Srpska“ and donors and sponsors of large number of health, cultural and sports insitutions. "Mercator-Serbia” is also run by local people – Management of "Mercatora-S" Novi Sad announced.

“Mercator-S” points in its announcement to nine incidents that took place in the buildings of that company in Serbia – from explosive device in "Mercator center" in Belgrade to false alarms about bombs in Čačak, Novi Sad and Belgrade, throwing of stones at facilities in Novi Sad and Niš, and invitation to the boycott of all "Mercator" buildings.

Management of “Mercator-S” states that that company has never dealt with politics, or ever will, and points out that “Mercator-S” is one of the first foreign investors in Serbia after the year 2000 and that it invested 40m EUR in Serbian market only in 2007.

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