Source: Novosti | Sunday, 14.08.2016.| 13:28
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New government reactivating competitions – New directors expected for EPS, Srbija Voz, Srbija Kargo, Srbijasume...

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Competitions for the election of directors of public enterprises have finally been reactivated. The formation of the new government has finally enabled the HR Commission to continue doing its job after more than five months. Competitions for directors of Srbija Voz, Srbija Kargo, Infrastruktura (Serbian Railways), PE Srbijasume and PE Elektroprivreda Srbije were paused when this year’s election was called. Recently, the position of the director of PE Post of Serbia has been left open, as Milan Krkobabic has joined the cabinet of ministers.

The Commission has had before it CVs of over 50 candidates for three positions in railway enterprises for months. The candidates have shown the greatest interest in the position of the director of Infrastruktura, with around 30 of them applying for the job.

It is not yet certain whether the competition in EPS will be repeated. There have been 15 applications, of which, as it’s been speculated for the past few months, very few meet the criteria. At the previous competition, there were as many as 62 candidates.

It will become known who gets the job only after the candidates have taken a test examining their knowledge, skills and capabilities.

According to the Law on Public Enterprises, the deadline expires on March 4, 2017. Among the 23 public enterprises founded by the Republic of Serbia, there are those to which the deadline doesn’t apply. These are companies whose directors were put in position before the first version of the law was passed. They will remain in their positions until the end of their mandates, and for most of them, the mandate expires in late 2016.

The law prescribes for the first time that the directors of around 700 local public enterprises be elected through competitions, with the deadline also being set for March next year.

Babic instead of Krkobabic in Post of Serbia?

Since Milan Krkobabic has joined the Government of Serbia, his position in PE Post of Serbia has been made available. As things stand now, the position of the acting director will be a transitional solution. It is already being speculated that Zoran Babic of the Serbian Progressive Party will take the position. The law says that a candidate can be an acting director for a year at most, after which he or she needs to take a test.

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