Source: Tanjug | Wednesday, 15.06.2016.| 10:43
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VUCIC: The biggest economic growth in the last 10 years, average salaries EUR 500 by the new government's mandate's end

Aleksandar Vucic (Photo:
On June 21, the International Monetary Fund will officially revise up its projection of Serbia's economic growth to 2.5% for this year, which will be Serbia's biggest growth in the last ten years, stated Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic today.

Vucic said that it would be the biggest growth for Serbia despite the fiscal consolidation measures, which means that it's based on investments and the export. He added that it was expected that the growth will reach up to 4% the next year.

- For common citizens, this means bigger salaries, pensions, standard of living, especially if we see an even bigger growth next year. This wouldn't have happened without the citizens' courage in supporting difficult measures instead of easy promises – said Vucic.

The Prime Minister said that Serbia was one of the most promising European countries, heading towards its future.

Vucic also said that salaries were indeed small, but that they exceeded EUR 400 for the first time, and that he believed that it would be possible to reach an average salary of EUR 500 during the new government's mandate.

On salaries and pensions in September with the IMF

There will be talks with the IMF in September about raising salaries and pensions, announced Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic and added that “this time we didn't bring up the question during our talks with the IMF, but I believe that the citizens will be satisfied if we continue achieving good results. In that case, everyone can expect to earn more”.

He added that he was proud of Serbia and its citizens for everything they had done in less than two years, even with all the floods, droughts, and other problems in the region.

- We managed to achieve these results. If we remain strong, we will be studied in schools throughout the world as the country which went through the IMF reforms with the best results possible – stated Vucic.

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