Source: Novosti | Sunday, 15.05.2016.| 12:55
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Sombor-based Boreli does not give up on prepack plan - 100 potential new hires

At the recent hearing, the Commercial Court in Sombor made decision rejecting the proposal for initiation of bankruptcy proceedings and the proposal of prepack plan for Sombor's footwear factory Borelli DP.

According to Stephen Ezgete, Commissioner of an Autonomous trade union in the company , at the hearing, one of the objections was that since January 1 this year, there have been no more social enterprises and that this is the reason why the company can not submit a prepack plan.

- If prepack plan would be adopted, debts would be reprogrammed and there is an option for the state to write off its debts. The company would be healthier and would pay off debts more easily. Apart from that, we would rent shops, 90 of them in Serbia - Ezgeta says.

However, Borelli, Ezgeta states , submitted request in October 2015 and therefore the company submitted complaint for the court decision. Borelli currently employs 270 workers, 180 in production, working exclusively in the affairs of old customers, Italian Lenci and Slovenian Kopitarna, but also a German partner.

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