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Quality business information important for successful business - CUBE Risk Management Solutions offers original solutions for small companies

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Since November 2012, CUBE Risk Management Solutions offers its customers original solutions in the field of business information, which can be used to reduce business risk in a simple way, as well as maximum utilization of business potential . A team of experts with experience in financial analysis, banking, credit risk management and business data integration, is preparing and processing information that may be crucial in deciding on the future activities of the company. "In the West" about 80 % of companies already uses this type of service while in Serbia awareness of the value of such business cooperation has been yet developing.
The founders and managing partners of the company, Milan Popadic and Marko Radojicic, initially planned "CUBE RMS as a consulting company which will provide services to a small number of large customers, but according to market demands, they customized business concept and, through new products, since April 2014, they have been focusing to small companies. In only one year, they increased number of clients as much as ten times and achieved tremendous growth.
CUBE Risk Management Solutions operates on the territory of Serbia and today has more than 700 satisfied clients. In addition to many solutions that distinguish them from competition, the company has confirmed to have a specially developed department for cooperation with the banks which enabled it to be a leader in the field in domestic market.
According to Milan Popadic, they are currently the highest quality company in the industry of business information, with the fastest growth. It is proved also with finals of the competition for entrepreneur of the year organized by EY.
Data preparation in line with clients’ need
CUBE buys information from public sources and then filters and integrates them into an advanced database through sophisticated BI tools. Collecting and work on these data, i.e. database they formed, is a continuous work, but thanks to that, customers at any time, can have the most relevant information. Thus, in one place, one can find information from the field of finance, registration, import and export, bank accounts and blockades, financial leasing, information about pledges and prohibitions of alienation of property.
The company offers complete solutions in terms of different analysis but also responds clients’ requests implying complex individual specifications, or typical needs. CUBE RMS is trying to design its solutions so that they can respond to domestic market needs while also being innovative and to rank as quality as foreign companies operating in the same activities. Milan Popadic believes this is the only way to be at the forefront of the industry and to compete with competition successfully.
Team of CUBE company consists of economists and experts in data integration , and , if necessary, they engage external collaborators. They are planning to potentially expand their business opportunities and consulting services. They have long-term plans and are convinced there is a reason for optimism based on feedback from the market and cooperation with clients.
Partnerships for the future

Besides cooperation with customers, the company is trying to develop various forms of partnerships with similar companies. Thus, representatives of CUBE Risk Management Solutions in December 2015 signed contract on strategic partnership with Coface Srbija which enables legal entities , existing and future customers the two companies better business results. The main objectives of cooperation are reflected in education of the market, new product development and business risk reduction. By signing the contract, CUBE won the exclusive rights to distribute Coface credit reports for more than 165 countries worldwide as well as access to a central billing system for more than 99 countries around the world.
Also, credit rating companies from the region - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia signed February 19 in Banja Luka Protocol on cooperation. Milan Popadic then outlined that CUBE Risk Management Solutions, through regional cooperation, wants to, though , exchange of experiences with colleagues, enable clients from Serbia to reach high-quality information about business partners more easily.
At this year's Business Forum in Kopaonik , CUBE RMS, joined the project "Check" which the Serbian Chamber of Commerce developed in cooperation with Coface Serbia . This service is designed with the basic purpose of better knowledge of business opportunities of future and current partners in the country and abroad for smaller business risk and, most importantly, more stable operations of Serbian companies.
- Innovation is the core of our business and dedication of the entire team and our partners will contribute to better business results and progress in the future - Marko Radojicic , head of CUBE RMS said then.
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