Source: Tanjug | Friday, 11.03.2016.| 11:53
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Only Serbia in Europe gives no subsidy to farmers for diesel fuel purchases

The agrarian sector requires more emergency measures to overcome the current difficult situation, said Miladin Sevarlic, the president of the Association of Agrarian Economists of Serbia. According to him, it is primarily required to finish the restitution in order to know who possesses which land resources.
- It is also necessary to resolve the issue of privatization of remaining agricultural companies that used to be a public property and were then privatized - Sevarlic told Tanjug news agency and added that another open issue was whether PKB should be sold at an unfavorable price.
Speaking about the reduction of subsidies for crop production, he noted that every decrease in subventions, which are already the lowest in Europe, is very worrying.
Professor Sevarlic also warned that Serbia was the only country in Europe that did not subsidize the purchase of diesel fuel.
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