RETROSPECTIVE 2015 - Investments in the SHOPPING MALLS category which attracted most of eKapija's readers' attention

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TheeKapija investment team has recently done an analysis and formed a ranking listof investments and investment ideas that attracted the greatest attention of eKapijausers in 2015. The results are very interesting, some are expected, but thereis a plenty of surprises, which is why we have decided to share this informationwith you.

Weare presenting you the most interesting projects in the category SHOPPING MALLS.

Year in year out, retail market of Serbia is becoming moreinteresting for investors and except from Belgrade, focus is moving to other biggertowns as well where there is demand for modern retail space. In 2015, trend ofconstruction of retail parks continued which will not stop in 2016 either having in mind announced projects.

In the series of projects in 2015, greatest attention wasattracted by trade chain Lidl. Inmid-December, German company started construction ofits first retail facility in Smederevo , and the works should end in lateMarch 2016.

Distribution center of German trader will bebuilt in Nova Pazova when simultaneous construction of larger number of shopsSerbia-wide will start. Lidl will, as announced, arrive to Sombor where PoseidonGroup will build a new retail park.

The second-ranked are projects ofIsraeli investor Aviv Arlon. The company opened Aviv Park Zvezdara shopping mall in November 2015. The complex with retail area on 11.500m2, totals 15 m.

In October 2015, Aviv Park in Zrenjanin welcomed its first customers where Israeli company poured more than EUR 30. On 22.000 m2 of retail area, it comprises leadinginternational and domestic brands such as H&M, Deichmann, C&A, New Yorker, dmdrogerie markt, DIS, Forma Ideale and Sport Vision.

Aviv Arlon, one of the leading Israeli real estate companies has been in Serbiasince 2007 and its first projects is Aviv Park Pancevo. This retail park is also the place where the first CineStar multiplex in Serbia was opened in December 2015.

During 2015, retail parks proved to be a dominant retail format in Serbia.Obviously, investors recognized the functionality of these projects and in 2015Serbia got a modern retail par which went to the third position at our list of retail investments.

Zemun parkZemun park

It is Zemun Park of Israeli MIVNE group. In May 2015, the company opened new shopping temple in Belgrade.The facility extends on 16.000m2 and is an investment of EUR 25 m. The companyannounced new investments so the second stage implies construction ofadditional 15.000 m2 sales area.

Previous year was also featured by furniture shops expansiontrend. The fourth ranked is Emmezeta, department store opened June 24 in Belgrade. This retail area on 18.000m2 is in the location of former Kika in Bezanijska kosa. The offer comprises 18.000 items for home development, dishes,toys, household appliances and electronics and apart from rich product range Emmezeta is also known for its favorable prices.

The fifth-ranked in category of shopping malls is the project of Delta Holding. It is a shopping mall of DeltaPlanet, whose construction is planned at Autokomanda. Serbian company willpour 200 m in this retail complex.

Delta Planet will occupy 200.000 m2, and visitors will be offered 250 differentshops. The project is presented as the biggest and most luxurious shopping mallin the region which will at the same time become the protection sign ofBelgrade and Serbia.

News about the construction of the first Ikea department store in Serbia is sixth-ranked. In June 2015, Swedish company, after eight years of waiting, receivedconstruction permit. The first Ikea department store will be built on 26 ha, locatedsoutheast from Belgrade, behind the toll ram at Bubanj potok.

The works on relocation of the toll ramp will be funded byPutevi Srbije and construction of the facility willstart by the end of 2016.

The seventh-ranked at our listcomprises more projects which have mutual investor. It is a retail park of Austriangroup Immofinanz. As Dietmar Reindl,president of executive board at Immofinanza,says for eKapija, this group is planning to build 8 or more these complexes inSerbia in the next three to four years.

In April 2015, Immofinanz opened its first STOP.SHOP retail park in Cacak. The first trading center of Austrian investor is at the southwest of the city, in Bulevar Vuka Karadzica. Itoccupies 17.500 m2, 6.320 m2 of which is for rent.

Construction of STOP.SHOP retail park in Nis started in October 2015, and the opening wasplanned for the spring 2016. Nis-based retail complex , located at Medijana, willoccupy 13.000 m2 and will offer almost 300 parking places.

Immofinanz announced for eKapija construction of STOP.SHOP facility in Valjevoon 6.100 m2. Compeltion of the works is expected in the spring this year aswell as in Nis. Immofinanaz, as Reindlexplained, opted for such an intensive expansion due to a large interest of itsrenters to expand business sin Serbia.

Rajiceva streetRajiceva street

The Rajiceva Shopping Center project, which ranks eighth, will bring a modern shopping mall to the center of Belgrade. The project is managed by ABD, set up by Ashtrom Group from Israel andBelgrade’s Avital doo.

Luxurious complex at the corner of Knez Mihailova, Kralja Petra and UzunMirkova, a shopping mall and a hotel will be built and after the opening 400 people will be hired. Shopping mall willoccupy gross area for renting of 15.300 m2, and six floors will have 80 shops. Theproject comprises construction of three underground parking levels with app.500 public parking places.


The ninth ranked is mutual investment of British Poseidon Groupand Belgium MITISKA REIM, which announced construction of i Capitol Park Rakovica.

The first stage comprises 21.000 m2, demolishing of facilities at the locationand construction of planned for Q1 2016. The facility will be located at PatrijarhaDimitrija street and more than 108.000 residents of Rakovica as well asCukarica and Vozdovac will visit it.

Plaza VisnjicaPlaza Visnjica

Tenth-ranked at our list is another Israeli investment. Itis the Belgrade Plaza projectfor which Plaza Centers Serbia receiveda construction permit in 2015.

This shopping mall will be built in Visnjica settlement in Belgrade and is aninvestment of EUR 80 m. The facility will occupy 61.000 m2, 32.335 m2 for rent. Retail shopswill be distributed at two levels while the third floor should comprise recreationand entertainment facilities. As PlazaCenters Serbia announced, completion of works is expected in the first half of2017.

Retail complex of smaller format which is eleventh-ranked is Extra Centar at 100 Omladinskih brigada Street in New Belgrade. The center opened in September 2015. It stretches over 11,500 m2 and offers rich product range for home furnishing. One of the biggest renters is Forma Ideale, whicha shop on 5.000 m2 in Extra Centre is thebiggest exhibit area in Serbia.

New project of MPC Properties ranked 12th. In July 2015, the company laid a cornerstone of Shoppi shopping mall in Subotica. The project will total EUR 10 m, where 250 people will be hired.

The opening is planned for 2016, and citizens of Subotica and Severna Backawill have at their disposal 10.000 m2 sales area where 20 famous fashion brands will move in such as , H&M, NewYorker, Tom Tailor, Deichmann, etc.

In December last year, Atterbury Europe took over the third of the share at Belgrade-based MPC Properties. The acquisition is one ofthe biggest at the Serbian retail market and its result will be a new wave ofinvesting in shopping centers.

The 13th-ranked is opening of distribution center of Delta transportni sistemi (DTS) in Stara Pazova. Thefacility was built at the lot on 9,2 ha while warehouse area extends on 18.000m2 and has 26.000 pallets places. Thanks to investment of EUR 10 m, DTS will beable to supply app. 15.000 buyers allaround Serbia with app. 3000 deliveries a day.

In May 2015, Hungarikum center was opened in Novi Sad. The facility, which is situated at 18 Urosa Predica Street, offers traditional Hungarian food products and wine and ranks 14th on our list.

Take a look at the entire ranking list in SHOPPING MALLS category and compare to what extent it matches your opinion, estimations and evaluations.

And, one more thing, have you seen which projects attracted your attention in categories HEALTH CARE, TOURISM, ENTERTAINMENT AND RECREATION, TRANSPORTATION and ENERGY?

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Višnjička Plaza
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Extra Centar Novi Beograd
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Tehcnocenter Mag Novi Beograd
ritejl park Shoppi Subotica
izgradnja ritejl parka Shoppi u Subotici
Tom Tailor
Atterbury Europe
Atterbury Group
Hungarikum centar Novi Sad
ulica Uroša Predića Novi Sad
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