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RETROSPECTIVE 2015 - Investments in ENERGY which attracted the most attention of eKapija readers

The eKapijainvestment team has recently done an analysis and formed a ranking list ofinvestments and investment ideas that attracted the greatest attention ofeKapija users in 2015. The results are very interesting, some are expected, butthere is a plenty of surprises, which is why we have decided to share thisinformation with you.

We are presenting youthe most interesting projects in the category ENERGY.

In 2015,energy was definitely globally featured with a sharp oil price decline which isnot ending yet. Fear from new world economic crisis, high production level anddemand fall especially in China led to turbulences in modern economic order.

Untilrecently untouchable economies of Middle East countries and other big producersof “black gold” such as Russia andVenezuela pay a lot for this negative trend which is best depicted in the newsthat today oil of bad quality is not worth even a dollar.

Cheap oildoes not go for consumers in Serbia, partially due to decision of the state to increase excise taxes on oil derivatives in 2016. Apart from, that since August last year, we are paying 12% higher electricity bills.

Thequestion to which all of us waited for an answer in 2014 of what will happen to the South Stream gaspipeline project seems to besolved in2016 with the announcement of Gazprom that the contract on project ofthe construction of that gas pipeline was terminated.

While gassupply question remain and big governmental investment projects in constructionof thermal power plant have not been implemented yet, there are news in supplyingwith renewable energy sources which are thus even more in the focus of eKapija’sreaders.

(Photo: Miloš Vlahović)

The investmentswhich attracted the biggest attention in the energy sector in205 was opening of the first wind park in Serbia. MK Fintel Wind opened in mid-November in Kula a wind farm of 9,9MW.

Thanks to wind generatorsT, the highest in SEE,nearly 8.000 households in Serbia will be supplied in the future through these renewableenergy sources. The project totaled app. EUR 15 m and Italian-Serbian investoris announcing that this year a wind farm in Vrsac will start operating whileworks have been ongoing o another wind park of MK Fintel Wind.

Thesecond-ranked is the project of construction of the biomass-driven electric power plantin Krusevac. The announcement from April turned in early June intoMemorandum of cooperation between the City of Krusevac and Krusevac-based Building energy 1 whose founders are Buildingenergy from Milan and Sinergy invest from Krusevac.

Constructionof future bio energy plant totaling EUR 27 m started October 14 and the startis planned for 2017. The electric power plant will use wood bio mass of allkinds as a fuel and will provide 4,8 MW electric and 20 MW heat energy.

It seemsthere will definitely not going to be the South Stream but it does not mean thetopic of gas supplying is not attracting eKapija’s readers’ attention. Highlypositioned as the third in the number of reads is the idea of Turkish Stream gas pipeline, which should go along the South Stream route of 660 kmand 250 along the new route towards theEuropean part of Turkey as well as Tesla gas pipeline which should transportgas from Turkey to European consumers.

Windenergy exploitation is one of important elements of the Energy Strategy which Serbia adopted in late 2015 and it has really huge potential as shown in theplan of General Electric that intends to invests EUR 1 billion in wind farms over the next ten years. This news ranks fourth.

Top five news comprise signing ofloans totaling 1,6 m for the construction of six new facilities in Serbia for combined heat and power production from biomass and biogas. Faciluties will be built in the next two years in Aleksinac, Bac,Alibunar and Zrenjanin and with them, Serbia will get6,32 MW installedelectrical power.

Equaldistribution of energy of wind, biomass and gas among the first six at the list isprovided by the agreement on expansion ofBanatski dvor gas storage expansion for 550 million cubic more. This investment which will increase storagecapacity to a billion cubic will enable that Serbia is significantly safer ingas supplying in the future with or without South Stream, Turish Stream andother “streams”.

The seventh-ranked is Dejan Bodiroga. Famousbasketball player together with French Atosa,won the tender for procurement of smart meters and modern equipment for loss reduction in electricity transmission which the Electric PowerIndustry of Serbia released.

Construction of mini hydroelectric power stations (MHE) Kusici, which Ivanjica-based KZP "Brzak" announces is the eight ranked at the list of the most interesting news inthe energy sector 2015. This hydro power plant should annually supply the Electric Power Industry of Serbia with 1.000.000 KW electricity and it is expected tobe constructed and put into operation this year.

(Photo: sabath/

The list of the most popular investment information last year, according to your choice, is closed by the ninth-ranked project of construction of power plant driven by utility waste, as negotiated with Chinese partners. It was estimated that usage ofutility waste through electricity could supply between 45.000 and 50.000 households in Serbia.

Take a look atentire ranking list of investments in the category ENERGY and compare to what extentit aligns with some of your thinking, estimations and ranking.

And onemore thing, have you seen projects which attracted your attention in HEALTH CARE, TOURISM, ENTERTAINMENT AND RECREATION, and TRANSPORTATION?

Companies: Beograd
Gazprom Moscow
MK-Fintel Wind d.o.o. Beograd
Grad Kruševac
Building energy 1 Kruševac
Synergy invest Kruševac
General Electric International Beograd
Forkom d.o.o. Beograd
BGS Gama BP Bač
BGS Alfa BP Bač
BGS Beta BP Bač
Biogas Energy Alibunar
Bioelektra Botoš
Atos Origin Bezons France
Javno preduzeće Elektroprivreda Srbije Beograd
MK Group d.o.o. Beograd
Fintel Energia Grupa Italija
Opština Kula
Ministarstvo rudarstva i energetike Republike Srbije
Gradska Toplana Kruševac
GE Holdings doo Beograd
Narodna skupština Republike Srbije
Vlada Republike Srbije Beograd
JP Srbijagas Novi Sad
ETF Beograd
EWG d.o.o. Beograd
JP Elektrokosmet Priština
Evropska banka za obnovu i razvoj EBRD
Opština Ivanjica
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Building energy 1 Kruševac
Building energy Italija
Sinergy invest Kruševac
gasovod Turski tok
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postrojenja za kombinovanu proizvodnju električne i toplotne energije iz biomase i biogasa
Forkom Beograd
Biogas energy
skladište gasa Banatski dvor
Dejan Bodiroga
Atos Francuska
pametna brojila
MHE Kušići
KZP Brzak Ivanjica
mini hidroelektrane u Srbiji
elektrana na komunalni otpad
MK Group Beograd
Fintel Energia Grupa Italija
Opština Kula
Gradska Toplana Kruševac
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