Source: Tanjug | Sunday, 17.01.2016.| 15:18
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SERTIC: Serbia is taking the same direction as entire world

Zeljko Sertic
Minister of trade, Zeljko Sertic, has said today that planned app. RSD 1,5 billion for supporting entrepreneurship only a part of the program for this year which was declared to be "the year of entrepreneurship".

- Entrepreneurship is the future of the world. Entire world is marching in that direction and it would be growth source with us as well. State-owned companies are here to serve citizens and entrepreneurs are economy base - Sertic said for Tanjug.

n order to support entrepreneurs, he explains, the Ministry of trade provided a few times higher budgets as a part of the program.

According to him, support is partially in money but it is important that "the year of entrepreneurship" is a wide platform which will comprise not only the Ministry of trade, all state-owned institutions and authorities as well as chambers and non-governmental sector - everyone who understands how its is important for country's development.

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