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Art in service of business - Art parlament's services contribute to energy increase, greater efficiency and better results

Gordana Tomic (Photo: Dejan Kalezić)
Art in business and business in art - how to find good balance useful for both parties. Artistic works in business environment contribute to energy increase, greater efficiency and better results. Business and managerial skills provide new value to art, they bring profit.

Gordana Tomic, head and owner of Art parlament, a painter and a master of economy whose pieces are in the New York galleries accepted the challenge to bring these two together.

She took her job seriously, empowered with managerial techniques on the one hand and knowledge of art on the other. In her interview for eKapija she says that Art Parlament gathered a team of associates with significant experience abroad who in local environment implement unique services based on "art-based corporate" learning, known in advanced business systems in the world.

- Our target group in this segment of Art Parlament portfolio is in corporative sector since this is where educated people with artistic sensibility are, ready to understand the needs for art-based learning principle in corporative values implementation. They are the ones who enable impressive and more valuable environment and creative motivation of employees. Our offer of artistic works refers to the works of world-famous yet local artists through b2b (business-to-business) model –Gordana Tomic says, outlining she sees her job as a mission to provide contribution to development of local artistic market, on the one hand, and development of new business models on the other.

Important component in better understanding the offer of Art Parlament is personal artistic action and painter’s career of our collocutor and as she says, in artistic circles it has been noticed she can contribute to local art business scene.

- Trust is thoroughly kept through personal achievements.

-Art parlament created a number of services which contribute to business on artistic basis.

Change of classical working environment into artistic-empathy oriented space through renting catalogue works and project of creating special painting solutions based on sensibility of employees (moodboard projects). Special team-building seminars, team-painting workshop, as well as special color sessions for managers follow. Expert consulting for corporative investments in art is a special and appreciated segment worldwide in art business which is also our portfolio service.

Entire solution of artistic support for a company is a balanced selection of top artistic pictures and moodboard of special works, boards of moods as a result of previous interviews with employees and detailed talk with management on objectives to be achieved.

Business development in art

For the needs of b2b placement of pieces of art, Artoteka Art Parlamenta was set up, a unique official catalogue and the first Serbian business collection of artistic works for renting, Artoteka comprises works of our world-positions artists, exquisite and big names, authors of large formats such as Milos Sobajic, Goran Mitrovic, Sasa Montiljo, me and a few other painters. Artoteka comprises names of contemporaries as well as offer of a few galleries which had understanding for this business model and through them, a few classical artists - Gordana Tomic says.

As our collocutor is explaining, Artoteka initially originated as a response to problem of an artist to become detached emotionally and practically from his or her pieces on the one hand since they do not value in numbers for them but market price only, where they can be available through renting service, but having in mind also options of companies renters.

On the other hand, companies do not put huge funds into purchase of pictures but they get for more acceptable sum pieces of art in line with their needs and company objectives.

Rent-A-Painting or renting of artistic paintings is a services which fits to economically responsible investors as well as companies in the program of cost optimization. Avoiding the usual shopping of pieces of art and high costs when procuring big and valuable pictures and sculptors, it is possible to rent selected piece of art from the fund of our Artoteka.

Creativity which moves

As our collocutor says, implementation of artistic support to management objectives strengthen team spirit, creative motivation and boosts productivity.

Our collocutor says she is extremely satisfied with current results and she is especially proud of the fact that this kind of sophisticated usage of art in corporate business has come to life, with referent companies here they really think about personalization of employees environment, leader’s image, corporate values and financial benefits and general wellness for culture and business. Nomination of the Serbian Association of Managers 2015 Awards in the category A Step forward for innovative business model speaks for the fact which is what makes a painter and a business women, Gordana Tomic, particularly proud of.

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