Source: Danas | Thursday, 01.01.1970.| 12:02

Iraqi interested in import of M21 rifle

Minister of Defense of Iraq, general Abdel Kader Jashim, and his associates, all of them currently in Serbia, should visit the units of "Zastava Arms" tomorrow (September 6, 2007). The Iraqi want to resume cooperation with Serbian defensive industry and they are especially interested in "Zastava's" rifle M21. It is the latest "Zastava's" military rifle, designed after "kalashnikov" rifle and in accordance with the NATO standards.

Rifle M21, which is not yet included in the official armament of the Army of Serbia, is already used by several armies, as well as by some security agencies (British, for example). It should be pointed out that "Zastava" already did business with the Army of Iraq in 2005 and 2006 by selling them arms for infantry - rifles and machine guns - and that trade was carried out under the control of the United Nations and with the mediation of American and British companies.

In that way, "Zastava's" rifle M 21 became possession of British security agencies in Iraq, which gave it high marks.
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