Source: eKapija | Wednesday, 30.09.2015.| 15:49
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Serbia rounds up recycling process - Bozic i sinovi are building new facility for overall EEW treatment, works totaling EUR 7 m

Bozic i sinovi company made decision on buying a facility and construction of new facility – recycling plant which will use the best available technology at the moment (BAT) for electrical and electronic (EE) devices. New facility will be located next to already existing complex in Pancevo where Bozic I sinovi carry out the same activities for almost ten years. The investor expects quick solution of minor administrative issues so that implementation of plans with respect to facility would start as soon as possible.

When it starts operating, Recycling center Bozic I sinovi will be able to manage almost all kinds of EE waste in quality manner in line with current European directions.

Facility for cooling devices treatment was bought from a renowned Italian company, FORREC which produces a part of its equipment in our country as well which is a special convenience since, thanks to speed faster and cheaper servicing when necessary is possible. Basic operation in new facility implies cutting of waste into granulates which the system of separators can split without hazardous effect on environment.

In order to achieve higher treatment degree, Bozic I sinovi have this year invested in purchase of machine for recycling of cathode pipes - - CRT monitors. They are also planning to buy a few same machines for several towns in Serbia in order to decrease transport costs as well as risk of transport of this kind of waste.

Investment totaling millions

When everything is completed, total investment in the plant will reach seven million euros.

Nikola Egic, company manager at Bozic i sinovi and Jovica Bozic, owner
If all conditions and plans are met, quantity of treated waste at Bozic I sinovi in the next year could be more than 5-6.000 tons and the number of employees could increase up to 200 in the company and 200 new collectors more to be hired indirectly.

- If it is to judge upon the words of the Prime Minister of Serbia that "everyone who hires one worker is a hero ", it turns out we are 200 times heroes and the biggest greenfield investment in South Banat in the last decade – Jovica Bozic, owner of Bozic I sinovi says for eKapija.

Company head, Nikola Egic, adds that with good organization and quality resource distribution, in the next period, this recycling center could treat 13 thousand tons per year, for which it has the license, even more than that.

Jovica Bozic outlines that Serbia has enough processing capacities with which it can fulfill objectives EU set for us but that it is necessary to work on collection network development.

New projects

- Even with the will and wish of local Panecvo authorities to make the facility operational as soon as possible, and support which is not missing, a large number of regulations and laws slows us down – Bozic says and explains that numerous plan documentation have been in developmental stage.

- We took on a large part of obligations, even funding of plan documentation to speed up the process.

New investments do not end here since Bozic I sinovi are planning new investments as well. They have currently been working on the catalyzer recycling process as well as on the project of valorization of different kinds of material from waste.

Even better investment terms essential

As a man from the English diaspora, Bozic claims that others from diaspora as well would invest significant funds in Serbian economy since investment terms have significantly improved, especially when it comes to macroeconomic aspect , although, he says, it appears that local authorities still cannot or do not want to follow new, dynamic program of the Government in an adequate manner and with bureaucracy obstacles they slow down and make implementation process for investment projects such as this one, more difficult.

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