Source: Blic | Thursday, 01.01.1970.| 12:03
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Belgrade to keep (mini) Zoo on Kalemegdan and to get new one - safari park in Surčin

Vuk Bojović

Representatives of City of Belgrade and Vuk Bojović agreed in principle that, in addition to existing Zoo on Kalemegdan, another Zoo should be built, but with different contents. Vuk Bojović strongly defends his opinion that the existing Zoo must stay where it is and that the new and bigger Zoo, with different contents, should be built on some other location. The idea of the City representatives is that it should be a "safari park", and somebody already mentioned certain location in Surčin.

Opinions of both sides are that "harmless" animals should stay on Kalemegdan. The city would take on the obligation to finance reconstruction of the dike, while the Zoo would invest in the cages. Another option is that wires and bars be removed. In that case, cages would be protected by electricity.

Assistant to the Mayor, Gorica Mojović, announced that the City would back those investments.

Vuk Bojović

The idea of Zoo in Surčin is especially supported by the city planners. It will be the area of 20-30 ha, and the advice will be asked from biologists, veterinarians, International Zoo Organization, the team of Vuk Bojović, as well as other organizations and experts in field of animal protection.

"More urban" animals will stay on Kalemegdan. Also, educational center for schools will be opened.

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