Source: Novosti | Sunday, 28.06.2015.| 18:08
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Ketchup from Donja Trnava - September 1 to see "Euro food" opening department for industrial tomato processing at Nis

In Donja Trnava village at Nis, September 1 will see the official opening of department for processing of industrial tomato, owned by Adonis Ladas from Greece. His company, "Euro food", has been into this business for four decades.

Investment in Trnava totals two and a half million euros. In the first year, as planned, 50 people and 200 associates will be engaged in production of industrial tomato and at the end of the thir year, 150 workers and 600 associates will be involved. For a start, production of 20.000 tons is expected and later 60.000 tomato puree and ketchup a year which will be exported Europe-wide.

Greek investor signed contracts with local vegetable growers who should provide raw material for processing.

Experts estimate that one hectare under industrial tomato can generate profit of EUR 5.500 EUR, and when all investment’s in production and agro-technical measures implementation are deducted, associates earn EUR 3.000.

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