Source: Beta | Saturday, 30.05.2015.| 16:45
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Government approved delay in privatization for 17 firms

The Government of Serbia defined on Friday, May 29, 2015 17 companies which are strategically important for economy and whose privatization was delayed for a year.

There are 22.000 workers in these companies and there are realistic chances they recover, it was communicated after the meeting of the Government.

Upon the proposal of the Ministry of trade, 17 companies whose privaztiation was delayed are: "Fabrika maziva Krusevac" (FAM), "Fabrika automobila Priboj" (FAP), "HIP Petrohemija", "PKB korporacija", "Resavica", "Yumko", "Trayal korporacija", "Galenika", "Politika", "Ikarbus", "RTB Bor", "Holding kablova Jagodina", Holding preduzece "Prva petoletka" from Trstenik and four its liable companies - PPT TMO, "PPT - Servoupravljaci", "PPT Kočna tehnika" and "PPT Zaptivke".

At today’s meeting, the Government also adopted the Proposal which defines long-term objectives for development of production capacities so that safe supplying, technological standards and environmental protection would be ensured.

The Strategy defines directions of development of transmission, transport and distribution systems as well as markets of electricity and natural gas.

As it was communicated, the document deals with sources and methods of providing energy and fuel as well as with methods for usage of energy from renewable energy resources and development of renewable energy resources.

The Government also adopted the Proposal to the Law on confirmation to the Agreement between the Government of Serbia and the Russian Federation Government on military and technical cooperation.

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