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Four more lanes for the old Sava Bridge

The existing tram bridge on the Sava in Belgrade, known as the Sava Bridge, is to have two more lanes on either side. This will will actually give Belgrade another bridge on the Sava, announced Aleksandar Vučić.

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić pointed out that besides this, the Belgrade Waterfront project has revived the idea of a tunnel connecting the Sava and Danube amphitheatres between Kamenička and Francuska streets, as planned in the nineteen-seventies.

“The construction of this tunnel started in the seventies, but at that time the technology was not advanced enough to complete it. Today, this would not be any great problem,” said Vučić at a National Assembly session where he elaborated the draft Law on the Belgrade Waterfront.

Vučić said that by building the main bus station in Block 42 in Novi Beograd, buses will no longer waste half an hour arriving and leaving the station, tickets would be cheaper and pollution would be reduced.

The Prime Minister says he is not sure whether Belgrade Waterfront will be completed even in 15 years, but he is certain that the capital will have a far more beautiful face within three or four years.

Two residential towers are planned to begin construction this summer, he added, while projects for the Belgrade tower, shopping centre and hotel are expected in May 2016, and their construction the same summer.

Vučić said that as many Serbian companies, architects and urban planners as possible should be included in the project design and construction of Belgrade Waterfront. He also pointed out that building materials should originate in Serbia, for example steel from Železara in Smederevo.

“These will be conditions that will be written into the contract, and they will be honoured in agreement with the Arab investor,” said Vučić.

The Prime Minister said that both the state and its people stand to gain from Belgrade Waterfront, and that the money will not flow into “tycoon pockets”, as he put it.

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