Source: Tanjug | Monday, 06.04.2015.| 13:44
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Agreement with IMF on electricity price increase possible

Instead of deficit of RSD 55 billion in the first quarter as it was agreed with IMF, our deficit is only RSD 21, 5 billion and this is the reason for me to expect that we will be able to agree on lower electricity price increase, Prime Minister, Aleksandar Vucic said.

When it comes to electricity price increase, it was speculated it will total some 15% and then according to the announcements from the Government it was outlined they will try to make it lower and that it would total seven to eight percent.

Since the request of EPS has not reached the Agency for Energy yet which gives its approval to electricity price changes, electricity price increase will not be effective at least for a month since new electricity price, in line with the Law on energy, becomes effective the moment the Agency for energy approves it or when 30 days as of decision publication at the Official Gazette expires.

Electricity price increase was agreed with IMF and will be the topic during next audit of the agreement in mid-May.

Apart from electricity price increase, implementation of electricity excises totaling 0,5 dinars per kWh was announced as well which would, in case the Government opts for that move, additionally fill republic budget to nearly RSD 20 billion since in Serbia, on annual basis, somewhat less than 40 billion kwh of electricity is consumed.

In case electricity price increase totals 15%, average monthly electricity bill of citizens would increase for approximately RSD 500 and in case increase percentage is some seven percent, the amount would be double less.
Electricity price increase will refer only to consumers who supply with electricity at regulated prices set by the Agency for energy and which have not signed contract on supplying with some of the suppliers at liberalized electricity market.

Consumers which signed contract on supplying at free market will not have any increae since their contract is valid for one year.

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