Source: Beta | Friday, 03.04.2015.| 10:01
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Deadline for delivering offers for C market extended until April 15

(Photo: Ivana Vuksa)

The Agency for privatization extended deadline for delivery of applications for participation in purchase of 16,3% shares of trading company "C market" from Belgrade.

New deadline for applications is April 15 and the opening of offers is due April 30.

The initial price is EUR 9,3 m which is estimated value of capital offered for sale at the end of 2013.

Delhaize is majority owner of C market and 23,2% is social capital. The Agency for privatization is selling 70 % of social capital which is 16,3% shares and the remaining portion of it will be distributed to current and former staff of C market.

The company employs 3.244 people and in 2013, profit of C market was EUR 223,1 m and expenditures totaled EUR 211,7 mi.

So far, the Agency for privatization has been announcing sale of the remaining portion of social capital at C market for a few times but the procedure was halted since there were legal obstacles. The only interested buyer was Delhaize

At the last offer, the initial price was EUR 9,58 m.

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