Source: eKapija | Friday, 27.02.2015.| 11:06
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Nenadovic farm from Srem is Serbian recorder in wheat yield - Pavle Nenadovic awarded for investments in agriculturist production

Pavle Nenadovic, an agriculturist from Srem villageVoganj, is one of the winners of the Manager of the year award for investments in agricultural production delivered by the Club of business journalists . Recorder in wheat yield is particularly proud of his success in 2013 when he succeeded in producing 10 tons of wheat per hectare.

-It is very difficult in agriculture. Apart from all problems, we had drought in 2012 which sent us backwards in my part of Srem. Struggle is constant – with nature, weather conditions, prices, terms and traders. But, keep your head up…We have to move forward and work. My objective is to produce as much goods per area unit as possible and thus increase earnings - Pavle Nenadovic says for eKapija.

Pavle is the sixth generation in the family which deals with agriculture. He cultivates 20 ha, as well as land which he rents. Apart from wheat, he plants maize on 220 ha and with 11 tons per hectare and generates doubled yield than the average in the country.

-I was "born and I grew up in the field" and I see it as my virtue, not a flaw as farmers are often presented in our country – Nenadovic says.

Pavle Nenadovic among winners (Photo: Mileta Mirčetić)

It took a lot of work and effort for successful business and record production but modern mechanization greatly contributed to that. The "Nenadović" farm is one of the rare ones in Serbia which can say it cultivates land with the best "world machines".

-I poured more than EUR 1 m in machinery and land which I bought. This kind of machinery rises profit itself as well as quality of works which get cheaper and more quality with these machines – Pavle Nenadovic explains.

He adds that one should have had courage when opted for such a huge investment. But it was worth it.

-I give all to wheat and it returns it to me, for the sake of my family – Nenadovic says.

His objective now is to generate pure capital and leave it to his son for heritage just as his father left him.

As Pavle Nenadovic says – agriculture is not an occupation or a job but lifestyle.


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