Source: RTV | Sunday, 11.01.2015.| 19:59

Decision on sale of Mitros delayed for a week

Although the decision of the Board of trustees on sale of Sremska Mitrovica-based Mitros was announced for Friday, January 9, it did not happen after all. The decision was delayed due to process reasons for seven days; it was said at RTV at the Board of trustees.

It will then be known whether the company in bankruptcy will be sold at EUR 800.000 to the only interested buyer, Austrian Gierlinger or it will continue to dwell.

According to findings of RTV, the next trustee’s meeting will be held in a week and that then that most likely the offer of Gierlinger since it is the last chance to sell Mitros.

Namely, Austrian investor, in its first addressing media, outlined that it firmly decided to stay in Sremska Mitrovica and it means that if it does not buy Mitros, it will build a new slaughter in the town.

The sources close to the Board of trustees claim majority of board members supports the attitude that Mitros should be sold since former giant is not likely to find a new buyer if the Austrians make a new slaughter in a town.

At the meeting held on Friday, replacement of current member of the DDOR Board with a new member was announced, the city general attorney, Miroslav Medic.

According to unofficial information, we found out that resignation of the representative of DDOR was submitted over a year ago.

The trustees’ board comprises five members. Apart from Medic, these are two lawyers who represent employees, representatives of Takovo agrar and Elektrovojvodina.

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