Stavatti Aerospace Ltd (U.S.A.)

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Stavatti Aerospace Ltd (U.S.A.)
P.O. Box 211258, MN 55121 Eagan U.S.A

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Activity description
Stavatti Aerospace is a 21st century aircraft manufacturer and systems integrator focused upon the design and production of next generation aerospace vehicles including manned and unmanned military aircraft, commercial aircraft, general aviation aircraft and a host of single-stage-to-orbit vehicles for military and commercial spaceflight.


Now developing a comprehensive array of new aerospace vehicles, Stavatti Aerospace plans to introduce a number of new products to the market within the near term: The SM-27/SM-28 Machete Series of Close Air Support and Attack aircraft, the SM-47 Super Machete series of Air Defense Fighters and the SM-26 Sleek Series of two seat, single engine general aviation high performance sportplanes.


Developed by Stavatti Aerospace as privately sponsored, commercial initiatives, these, along with other new aircraft, will be introduced to the market over the next five to fifteen years. The current Stavatti Business Plan places development and production of the Sleek Machete at the highest priority, to be followed by advanced sixth generation fighter aircraft including the SM-36 Stalma and SM-39 Razor. Intended to address anticipated future military and civil aerospace needs, these lead programs will serve to establish Stavatti Aerospace as a major airframe manufacturer.


Producing new breeds of aerospace vehicles as well as superior airborne weapon systems for the defense of free, sovereign people, Stavatti Aerospace is an innovative enterprise which will conduct the conceptual design, detailed development and engineering, prototyping, flight testing, qualification/ certification, production and distribution of new aerospace vehicles. Providing spares, service and support for all production aerospace vehicles, Stavatti Aerospace will deliver comprehensive Contractor Logistical Support (CLS), serving as a fully integrated prime contractor.