Source: BC Bilten | Friday, 14.10.2005.| 13:28
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(BC Bilten) How to behave during unpleasant phone calls

If you are a sales manager, have a company or your daily job includes communication with non communicative people, you are probably to have at least once a week some unpleasant phone calls. You must freeze out from those «cold» calls or your heart is pounding a little bit faster. The fear from faliure, jugment or rejection are usually the most common feelings in those moments. But, it doesn't have to be necessarily so. BC bilten advises you how to warm up the atmosphere during the «cold» phone call and how to make you feel better afterwards.

1.Take a deep breath, relax and wonder «What is the worst that can happen?» The worst thing that can happen to you is that someone hangs up the phone.

The rejection is not to be taken too seriously.

Remember the famous words of Donald Trump «It's nothing personal, it's business!»

2.Knowing the material will make you more powerfull. Knowledge always eliminates the fear. Good knowledge of the subject will make you more relaxed, confident and efficient. Also, it is important to know the person you are talking to. Check out his company's web site, do a little research, talk to the people from the same industry, find out who is desicion maker in that company. It is of importance for you to be daily informed so it doesn't happen to you to wonder why your business partner from Jase Tomic doesn't answer his phone for so long.

3.Forget the word «ME». You mustn't let your partner think that you are doing something for your personal gain. You have to focus on the needs of others and represent your company as someone who wants to help others in doing business. The clients know how to appreciate motivation that comes from good intentions which are not directed to narrow personal gain.

4.Ask questions, listen to the answers and find solutions. When you call up a friend, you honestly ask him questions, but you also carefuly listen to the answers and if necessary you offer some kind of help. Apply these principles during your conversation. The participation of both sides in the conversation will allow the person on the other side to be more relaxed, and this situation will allow you to easily get to the next step – let's say – setting up a date of the meeting. If problems exit, with conversation from both sides, and not with your monologue, those problems will be solved.

5.Practice and be persistent. Practice your phone performance. The more phone calls you make the more confidence you’ll have and you’ll know which tone to use, your choice of words will be more practical as well as articulation. Persistency is the key words for those kinds of conversations. Practice, persistency, … Practice, persistency, … Practice, persistency, …

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