Source: N1 | Wednesday, 07.03.2018.| 14:01

Pen or keyboard, what benefits the brain more?

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The Princeton University and the University of Los Angeles carried out a range of research activities in order to determine what the impact of using paper and pen versus using a keyboard on the human brain is.

It turned out that using a pen instead of a keyboard helps the brain develop more and comprehend what's learned better.

The students who made handwritten notes had a better and more comprehensive memory of the matter, and it was also shown that they were more prepared to accept new ideas.

In another study, conducted at the Indiana University, scientists scanned the brains of children who wrote and those who typed and showed that the brain activity had been stronger in those children who wrote by hand.

Psychologists and neurologists recommend to parents to limit the use of keyboards, computers and smartphones for their children and to let them use pencils, color pens and brushes in order to help them develop not just their brains, but their creativity and motor skills too, RTL reports.
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