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Vero growing more popular globally

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Instagram has a new rival! The Vero app, an ad-free social network, lets users share photos and provide links in the descriptions, but also allows them to recommend books, films and TV shows to their followers.

This network is growing more popular globally, and many celebrities have already started using it.

The app was launched in 2015 by Ayman Hariri, a Lebanese billionaire heir and businessman, the second-youngest son of tycoon Rafic Hariri, former Prime Minister of Lebanon. In his interview for CNBC, Hariri said that he launched the app frustrated with the number of ads popping up on Facebook and Twitter.

Vero attempts to be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify in one place. Posts can take the form of an image, a text or a link, and are sorted chronologically, a great advantage over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Vero differentiates between friends and followers and provides three options: close friends, friends and acquaintances. As soon as you accept a request from another profile, you can assign one of the three titles to it. When uploading an image, you can pick which group can see it.

Vero is free at the moment, but will start being charged for soon. Those with subscriptions will not be shown ads. If you are one of the first million users, you will be able to use the app for free forever, and if not, the subscription is only a few dollars a year.

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