Shandong Electric Power Construction Corporation Laoshan District, QingDao, China
Building A,Yijiehongtai Plaza,No.882-1 Tong’an Road,, 266100 Laoshan District, QingDao, China
Verantwortliche Person
Mr. Li Jie, General Manager

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Beschreibung der Tätigkeit
Shandong Electric Power Construction Corporation (SEPCOIII) is a professional engineering enterprise in terms of EPCO, EPC, BOT, BOO, PMC and so on in electric power sector. The Spectrum of SEPCOIII’s business line mainly spans thermal power project, nuclear power project, gas-fired power project, hydropower project, wind power project and biological power project. By corporate Financial and Capital Utilization, involved with many fields, such as design, ocean shipping, commissioning and operation, SEPCOIII provides with package solution ranging from addressing, design, equipment supply to installation and commissioning for power plants.

Since being founded in 1985, SEPCOIII has aggregated installed capacity of 20000MW, with single unit capacity ranging from 12MW to 1000MW, which means that SEPCOIII has the highest annual average installed capacity in Chinese electric power sector. SEPCOIII has won “Luban Prize”--- the highest national distinction for high project quality --- for five times, which makes the company one of the most winning enterprises in China. SEPCOIII has become the only electric power construction corporation, which has got two "Lunban Prize" at once, when both the Zou Xian Project and the Wei Fang Project were awarded "Lunban Prize" in the year of 2008.