Fruits and Berries Program Niš

The Fruits & Berries Programme Niš
Strahijica Bana bb, 18000 Niš
Verantwortliche Person
Dagfinn Moe – Viši savetnik

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Beschreibung der Tätigkeit
The Fruits and Berries Programme Niš is Denmark's bilateral programme for EU's neighboring countries to the East and Southeast. The overall objective of the programme is to promote open and democratic societies based on the rule of law and based on stable economic and political development. The programme supports Denmark's foreign policy priority of promoting a peaceful and stable Europe in progress and prosperity

In Serbia the four year Private Sector Programme: Support to the fruits and berries sector in
South of Serbia (The Fruits and Berries Programme) will aim at supporting the development of high quality and competitive fruit and berry products for export and home market. The Fruits and Berries Programme will support improvement of productivity and quality with a special training of extension service and producers on education and training, investment in fruit and berries sector, capacity building among producers and market initiatives, and improvement of post harvest management, research and control.

The Programme will work in the Jablanica, Nisava, Pcinja and Toplica districts in the South of Serbia. Within these districts the focus will be on five value chains, which are raspberries, sour cherries, strawberries, blueberries and plums.