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Beschreibung der Tätigkeit
MIN was founded in 1884 when the first Locomotive Repair Workshop was founded. The following year the workshop became the Rail Car Repair Workshop. In 1993 MIN got transformed into a holding company of 37 joint-stock units, 24 of which deal with the basic production, 6 of which deal with services, and 7 with specialized business. The sections of 150,000 square metres, with modern machines, enable the production of various types of equipment: chemical, petrol-chemical, mining, metallurgic, railway-transport, diesel-locomotive, pump, hydro-thermo-nuclear, water and gas treatment. The production programme of the company, improved with the help of the faculties and the scientific research institutes of Niš University, has enabled successful cooperation with some well-known world companies as well as the realization of big investments and the modernization of the facilities and the technology of the firm.