Vode Vojvodine Novi Sad

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Beschreibung der Tätigkeit
Public Water Management Company (PWMC) "Vode Vojvodine" is responsible for water resources in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. The Water Law defines the basic water management activities.

The basic activities of the PWMC "Vode Vojvodine" are the use of waters (water supply of the population, irrigation, water supply of industry, navigation, fishing, recreation and tourism), protection of waters (sources of pollution, wastewater treatment plants) and protection against waters (flood and ice protection and control, drainage and protection against slow down caused by the HPP "Djerdap"). This refers to all surface and underground waters, including drinking water, thermal and mineral water.

PWMC "Vode Vojvodine" executes its activities together with water management companies (there are 21 of them) that are organised mainly on the territorial principle. The PWMC concludes contracts on business-technical co-operation with these companies, the validity period of which is three years, and long-term contracts on the basis of programme of works (Annex to the basic contract). Water management companies are in charge of maintenance and provision of functionality of systems of flood and ice protection and control and drainage systems,implementation of protection against floods from external and internal waters in their territories and they also carry out the investment maintenance and emergency interventions.

The PWMC "Vode Vojvodine" employs 336 people who are mainly technical personnel working in 5 sectors with departments. About 2.000 people in total are involved in water management tasks in Vojvodina.