Tiffany Production d.o.o. Čačak

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Moravska 12, 32000 Čačak
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Boro Radoičić

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Tiffany Production Ltd is a family company developed from a small handicraft production workshop, back in early eighties. Today, Tiffany Production employs over 150 people, and is one of the leading companies in the Serbian textile industry and in the region as well. The Company has a successful creative team gathering well known and experienced but young designers and other industry professionals from the region, united with the same task: to promote style, fashion and quality, offering a relaxed casual fashion dedicated to modern, fashionable and open minded people.

In order to improve the business, back in 2006, Tiffany Production became strategic partner with Grupo Tavex from Spain, one of the biggest textile companies in Europe, specialized in denim fabrics. The Cooperation is based on sharing the know-how and information on the latest technology in textile industry, and organizing their joint appearance on the European markets. Securing reliable purchasing structures, outstanding product expertise, and high-quality fashion form the basis of their relationship with the customers in the region.

Tiffany Production registered its trademark with the Intellectual Property Office in 1995 which indicated the start of the production and launching Tiffany Production brand. Trade mark Tiffany Production, obtained protection in Geneva for all countries of ex-Yugoslavia and both for the European Union and non-European Union countries. This brand thus gained international status. Since five years ago Trade mark Tiffany Production has grown into the brand under the name TFY and under that name it is sold and promoted on both the local and foreign markets. Tiffany Production successfully positioned itself as a trendsetter in the region through its fashion brands: TFY and TFY Junior and Teen.

Both TFY brands completely respond to requirements of people that follow latest trends and fashion innovations, people who have their own style and express their personality.