Advokatska kancelarija Milošević

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Opis delatnosti
Milosevic Law Firm is a modern full-service law firm operating in the Western Balkans, providing legal advice in relation to all aspects of business and commercial law in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

We are committed to redefining the role that a law firm can play in an emerging regional market. We assist international and local clients from a plethora of industries in establishing, building, and maintaining their business presence in the region and navigating the complex legal landscape, shaped by the interplay between the existing local and international legal framework.

Our team comes from the leading Serbian and European universities and has extensive local and international experience, with a proven capacity to provide flexible, practical solutions even in the most difficult and highly complex cases and projects.

Milosevic Law Firm is a truly innovative law firm committed to building long-term relationships with the clients, based on reciprocity, trust and highest standards of professional ethics. Our client portfolio covers multinational and national companies, techs, banks and other financial institutions, strategic and financial investors, large SOEs, SMEs and governments across the region.

We have successfully handled some of the largest investment, infrastructural and PPP projects in Serbia over the past five years.

We are trusted to deliver pragmatic and innovative solutions and high-end legal advice even when faced with the most complex of challenges.