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Fourth Metallurgical & Materials Engineering Congress of South-East Europe (MME SEE 2019)

Organizator: Inovacioni centar tehnološko-metalurškog fakulteta u Beogradu, Tehnološko metalurški fakultet Beograd, Institut za nuklearne nauke Vinča, Institut za hemiju, tehnologiju i metalurgiju Beograd, Savez inženjera metalurgije Srbije Beograd, Univerzitet u Beogradu
05.06-07.06.2019, Beograd

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Belgrade, Serbia, 5 - 7 June 2019.

MMESEE 2019 is a biannual meeting of professionals covering all aspects of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering. Belgrade Congress is an excellent place for the meeting of scientists, professionals and specialists, from both academia and industry. Presenting new ideas and concepts will lead to innovative solutions for present and future challenges in our industry. Authors from universities, research centers and industry are invited to submit papers to the Congress. The event includes keynote speeches, scientific and technical lecture, and poster sessions, technical tours as well as a comprehensive exhibition and remarkable social events. Special attention will be given to the promotion of young researchers as well as to applied innovations.

The Congress is organized jointly by the Association of Metallurgical Engineers of Serbia, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy,University of Belgrade, Institute for Technology of Nuclear and Other Mineral Raw Materials, Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy, Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences, and Serbian Foundrymen's Society. The Congressis supported by SEE Associations of Metallurgical Engineers and Chambers of Commerce of SEE Countries.

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