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Sunday, 29 May 2016
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McDonald's is looking for 70 workers in Banja Luka

Sunday, 03/18/2012|17:58 | Source: Nezavisne novine

McDonald's, the restaurant of the world famous fast food chain announced a competition for 70 workers on Friday through the Banja Luka branch of the Employment Office of the RS.

Namely, everybody interested who is of up to 28 years of age can apply to the job competition in the Banja Luka McDonald’s, which is to be opened. All applicants must come to the Center for Information, Counseling and Training Banja Luka (CISO), which is located in the basement of the Banja Luka Employment Office, register and submit a resume by end of March.

For those who do not have a biography, the CISO Center has provided free training on how to write a CV and about interviews with the employer.

Given the size of unemployment, the opening of this famous fast food chain restaurant will delight many. According to Jovan Kalaba, Head of the Banja Luka branch of the RS Employment Office, the current interest in these positions is great.

"As part of our legal authorities we are obliged to mediate employment. McDonald's will employ 70 workers of any profession, who will undergo their specialized training in Belgrade. We will be glad if these people are well cared for," said Kalaba. The Banja Luka branch office says that the restaurant will be opened in Gospodska street, Euro Blic writes.

Manager of the Mozaik Agency from Belgrade, which represents McDonald’s interests, Matija Đorđić has confirmed that the company plans to open restaurants in Banja Luka and that negotiations on the location in the city center are underway.

Let us remind, McDonald’s restaurant was opened in Sarajevo in BiH in 2011.

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