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Saturday, 28 May 2016
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World's largest manufacturer of auto parts "Meca Plast" starts production in Zrenjanin - Several hundred new revision places in the city on Begej

Wednesday, 08/31/2011|12:19 | Source: eKapija
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World auto companies Mecaplast will open a representative office in Zrenjanin, as eKapijafinds out. A company which will produce inner interior parts for Fiat vehicles in Banat should start as early as September, said the Mayor of Zrenjanin, Mile Mikhailov, exclusively for eKapija.

As Mikhailov noted, about 150 workers should be employed in his factory .

Offered incentives for new investors

Extremely flat area, the structure of economies and industries put Zrenjanin among the bigger agro-industrial centers in Serbia.

The most developed part of the economy is the industry, where, according to the city,there are around 16.750 employees, representing more than one third of the total working population.

In the last few years several big European names have opted to focus its investments in the city on Begej. This primarily refers to the German DAD Draexlmaier and Italian Pompeu.

The mayor of Zrenjanin had a meeting and discussion with the representatives mentioned the day before yesterday. Topic of the discussion were plans to expand the capacity in their city. Although the exact number is not yet known, it is certainis that the two companies will soon employ several hundred workers.

Besides them, other foreign investor companies are Mehler-BAPS (ballistic protective equipment), Geza (manual and automatic), Kolpa-san (plastic processing), Fulgar, Phiwa Walter Group, MIND-ING, Omnia Pack, Magnetron ...

Offered incentives for new investors

Zrenjanin mayor Mile Mikhailov told our portal to the city is ready to provide numerous benefits to companies interested in investing in this area. When the land is in question, potential investors need not to worry. There are two industrial zones in the city .

Zone Bagljaš-Elemir is on the road to Novi Sad, and the last year the "new" industrial zone Jugositok-Ečka was completed .

Its construction and infrastructure equipping to the full were funded by the European Union, the Serbian Government and the Capital Investment Fund of Vojvodina.

Of the approximately 75 acres, which is the size of this industrial zone, about 50 acres remained unoccupied.

Mikhailov said that there are all the more interested companies and he hopes that soon more companies will come here. He added that there aren't restrictions on future activities of the future investors, but that the city is worried about the height of buildings constructed in the zone, since it is only 2 km from the Ečka airport.

Free Zones make up to 40% less operating costs

There is one of six free zones in Serbia operating in Zrenjanin, and the partner of the city in the management of the zone is Slovenian company Kolpa. Business in the free zone is exempt from customs duties and taxes, which can bring up to 40% cost savings.

People from Zrenjanin can boast about the business incubator that operates successfully, since there are only few municipalities which succeeded in it.

Domestic entrepreneurs

Considering that the second largest municipality in the territory it occupies in Serbia is Zrenjanin , with as many as 80% of fertile land - one can conclude that great potential lies in agriculture.

Among the local companies that still work in Zrenjanin are Dijamant, Mlekoprodukt, Žitoprodukt (food industries), Alpin (trade, car parts ), Bomex (shipyard), Beohemija Inhem (cosmetics and household chemicals) Radijator (metal industry).

Recently, Sugar factory has got a new owner - Victoria Group, which has started the production of starch, and already, according to Mihailova, 'has revived the old factory.'

Balasevic, Partibrejskersi and beer

The 'Days of Beer' began with a concert of Pannonian sailor and Zrenjanin son-in-low, Djordje Blasevic, last night in Zrenjanin. The event, which is held for the 26th time, attracts more and more tourists.

Since, beside Balasevic, whose performance was attended by about 15.000 people, Bajaga, Zvonko Bogdan, Partibrejkersi and many other "big" names will perform, we asked the mayor whether this pleasure is profitable to the City.

- All tourist, cultural and sporting events have been profitable for us. We organized the European Championship in wrestling, and we had a sailing championship. After all the events we noticed the flow and jump in the budget of the cash register. I hope it will be the same after 'The Days of beer.'


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