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Swisslion Takovo invests about EUR 7.5m in development of food industry in Trebinje

Tuesday, 11/16/2010|14:38 | Source: eKapija
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Swisslion-Takovo CEO Rodoljub Draskovic said that additional KM 15 million (about EUR 7.5m) would be invested in the development of Trebinje-based food industry in 2011, SRNA quotes.

This Herzegovinian, who was born in Gacko and now lives and works in Belgrade, stated that he had willingly invested his capital in Herzegovina in order to prevent people from losing their jobs, as well as to create new jobs and save the economy, SRNA quotes.

He reminded that he had invested over 25 million euros in that area in the previous three years and announced:

- It is for sure that the Trebinje Industry of Tools would not exist today if we did not invest so much money and put a huge effort in ensuring the jobs and markets and improving the poor condition of the economy at the time - said Draskovic, pointing out that he has managed to save this commercial giant, as well as all jobs of about 1,000 people.

He added that he had a successful food industry built and employed about 200 people in it at the same time when redundancy occurred in aforementioned company.

Draskovic emphasized that he planned to invest in other municipalities in Herzegovina as well, especially in Nevesinje and Bileca because they are among the poorest.

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