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Swisslion-Takovo opened units for production of confectionery products in Trebinje - investment worth 18m EUR

Wednesday, 01/20/2010|12:40 | Source: eKapija
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- The owner of Serbian concern Swisslion-Takovo, Rodoljub Drašković, and the Prime Minister of Republic of Srpska, Milorad Dodik, opened the unit for production of confectioneries yesterday (January 18, 2010) in Trebinje - newspaper Nezavisne Novine announced.

The unit includes three production lines in the halls at 19,500 square meters, and the value of the investment is 18m EUR. Production of confectioneries is organized within Swisslion Tool Industry Trebinje, of which owner is also Drašković. Part of production of that company, which deals with production of tools, was reorganized after the global economic crisis hit the metal-processing sector hard, which left the Trebinje-based company without the market for its production.

After he opened and toured the unit, Dodik pointed out that the production according to the up-to-date standards of food industry was started in once deserted halls.

- Production of liquid and solid euro-cream, salty sticks and smoki has already started. What is especially good is the fact that Drašković announces opening of another seven new production lines and employment of about 180 new workers, in addition to current 170 employees, certain number of which will be the workers who are already engaged in the Tool Industry - Dodik pointed out.

Speaking of the plans, Drašković pointed out that the plan was that Trebinje-based Swisslion-Takovo produce 10,000 tons of final products during the first year of work. The plan for the next three years is expansion of production to 30,000 tons of food products, which would be offered to foreign markets.

- In that way, these units will enter the company of leading food manufacturers, not only in the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, but also in whole Europe. Our opinion is that this is going to be the most profitable factory in southeast Europe. In these halls, the Tool Industry was only producing losses for 20 years. From now on, this new equipment and product portfolio will result in the profit that will stay in Trebinje and Herzegovina - Drašković pointed out.

Drašković's optimism is based on the employed experts and the state-of-the-arts technology, the most modern in Europe, which guarantee success.

- I have no worry for this factory because it is a good project that will significantly contribute to improvement of the situation in the Tool Industry since 30% of profit will be invested in its revitalization - Drašković added.

Serbian businessman was unable to specify what would happen to the units of Swisslion Tool Industry Trebinje in Nevesinje. He said that he would negotiate with the Government and Investment-Development Bank of RS on the future of that business.

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