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Thursday, 27 April 2017
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  • About us

  • eKapija is a leading business portal in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. In addition to the review of the latest news and reports from our country and the region, eKapija also provides economic analyses, stock exchange reports, announcements of new investments, review of the latest tenders and tender winners, as well as a comprehensive registry, which currently comprises over 130,000 business and legal entities.

    All the information is available to the users of eKapija via websites, as well as via electronic bulletins that are delivered to subscribers' e-mail addresses. The daily business bulletin eKapija is adapted to the specific requirements of each user and contains the information singled out as relevant to the user's business. Conceived as a B2B service, eKapija portal represents an efficient platform for the exchange of information among business subjects.

    The web portal eKapija is trilingual, which means that its contents are available in Serbian, English and German language.


    What have we achieved since 2005 (year of establishment) until today?

    • Over 18,000 users of the system (the most influential business web portal in the region).
    • A 15-percent increase in the number of subscribers over the last year.
    • Average number of visits – over 55,000 documents read and 30,000 searches done on a daily basis.
    • Our users trust us – 80 percent of all users renew their subscription every year!
    • According to the data at web portals, and, is the most visited business portal in Serbia.
    • Average annual production of documents: 27,000 news and reports, 52,000 tenders.
    • Number of business and legal entities in our registry: over 130,000.
    • We see regional presence as an important step in our further development, which is why we prepare to expand our business to all countries in the region.
    • For four consecutive years (2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011), PC Press ranked us among Top 50 Influential Internet Portals in Serbia and first in the Business Portals category.
    • Two years in a row (2012, 2013) we won the corporate philanthropy award Virtus for media contribution which is presented to a media company whose articles, reports or actions gave a special contribution to the development and improvement of the culture of philanthropy and benevolence in Serbia during the previous year.
    • In 2014, eKapija signed a statement of compliance with the Code of Good Business Practice drawn up by the Association of Online Pulishers of Serbia (SOIS). The Code aims to prescribe rules of best practice in digital publishing, so all digital publishers operating in the Republic of Serbia could mutually regulate and respect the rules of fair, ethical and good professional practice related to the creation and publishing of contents, products and services they offer through their digital media.


    How do our documents rank in search results returned by search engines?

    We take pride in the fact that, after four years, we have an exceptional number of hits returned by search engines for our documents, which also rank high in the search results.

    It must be underlined the success based on the number of readers and ranking on Google is even greater when we know that about 60% of documents on the portal eKapija are available only to our subscribers, that is, they are not seen by Google and other search engines.


    Who are the users of eKapija portal?

    The greatest treasure of eKapija is its user portfolio coupled with the fact that over 70% of individual users of the system are members of the senior management of companies, that is, decision-makers and those who can not be easily reached via any other media. Our subscribers are almost all banks, insurance companies, broker companies, construction companies, all foreign business clubs, embassies, foreign and local investment funds, as well as a large number of small and mid-sized enterprises.



    We have established a strategic cooperation with national business clubs in the country, such as the German Business Association (DSW), Slovenian Business Club (SPK), and the founders of eKapija are also the founders of the Serbian Association of Managers (SAM). As a socially responsible company, eKapija is a member of the UN Global Compact in Serbia and applies ten universal principles to its operations.

    In 2012, eKapija established a cooperation with Coface Serbia, a risk management service provider, thus providing the users of our portal with an insight into the credit rating (according to Coface methodology) of their prospective clients.

    eKapija promotes and participates in all significant events at the Belgrade Fair, Novi Sad Fair, Sumadija Fair, and the Adriatic Fair. We provide media coverage and promote numerous business, cultural and sports events in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

    We have entered into a number of business partnerships: and

    Also, we’ve won several regional awards, the 2009 Media Business Partner Award presented by Mass Media International, the Superbrands 2011 Award in BH, and many others.

    eKapija's strategic projects

    Aurea – The Aurea Award is primarily an honest attempt from us as a media company to help Serbia’s sustainable development. In the times when most awards are commercialized, Aurea is an attempt to promote truly good projects that are often not talked about so much, but they definitely deserve more attention. A direct benefit to all nominated projects, especially winners, is an extensive media promotion. The main award – Aurea, is presented to a company that implemented the most innovative, socially useful and commercially successful project in Serbia in the previous year. A jury that evaluates nominations and selects the winner is comprised of unbiased and respectable businessmen and economic analysts from renowned companies and organizations, such as IFC, SCC, FIC, Institute of Economics, Faculty of Economics, Innovation Fund, etc. The visitors of eKapija can vote for their favorites on the Internet.

    Investment Partner – This project was launched in July 2008, with the aim of ensuring the monitoring, analysis and promotion of the most significant investments and investment ideas in the areas of real estate, securities, energy, tourism, etc. The Investment Partner project today has a significant place in the work of our editorial staff, providing our subscribers with new high-quality contents and business intelligence information.

    eKapija Tenders – This service is intended for companies participating in tender procedures in Serbia, 19 countries of the region and the EU. Our search engine shows hits from over 1,000 different sources of tenders, more than 150 of which are in Serbia. The services available to users of the portal are unique in Serbia and represent a step towards the adaptation to the public procurement system used by the European Union.

    eKapija Software Services – An IT section that was originally created to develop and maintain the eKapija web portal has outgrown initial ambitions and become an expert IT team whose knowledge and capabilities have surpassed its original purpose. eKapija Software Services is now an irreplaceable partner to many organizations that require support in the development of their IT system. Aside from developing a large number of web portals for its partners, eKapija Software Services has also successfully implemented several software outsourcing projects.

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