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Gas-powered bus from Kragujevac – company "Vulović transport" presented new product in Zagreb

Tuesday, 04/21/2009|12:45 | Source: B92
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Kragujevac-based company "Vulović transport” has presented its low-floor natural gas-powered bus.

According to the words of the CEO of "Bus industry" Kragujevac, Zoran Vulović, a series of enterprises are involved in this project, and they are also open for partnerships with the companies from Croatia. So far, 60 BIK-203 buses for city transportation in Kragujevac have been manufactured on the basis of the platform of Belarus-based manufacturer of vehicles MAZ.

Since Serbia and Belarus have signed the agreement on free trade, Vulović sees the opportunity for joint appearance of Croatian and Serbian enterprises in that market.

The Bus Project is already in its production phase, but certain improvements must be made on its equipment for greater comfort of passengers. Vulović says that he is ready to sign the contract with a Croatian manufacturer of air-conditioning systems for buses.

Branko Mihalić, the Manager of Croatian Automobile Cluster, says that five Croatian companies have expressed interest in cooperation with company "Vulović" so far.

The price of bus is about 160,000 EUR, while the fuel for the ride between Kragujevac and Zagreb costs only 35 EUR, that is, as much as the price of one bus ticket.

Launching of completely Serbian-Croatian product is in the pipeline – a low-floor minibus, the result of cooperation between BIK and Shipping Institute Zagreb. It is the world innovation with a great export potential, which should see the light of the day in 2010.

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